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Dr. Angelina Ilievska,

Kalina Piperevska,
specialist in medical psychology

MSc Vasilka Galevska Jovcevski,
special needs educator

Aneta Martinovska,
special needs educator

Ivana Gosevska
speech therapist

Tatiana Ivanovska,
medical nurse


Scientific research
Ilievska A. Fellowship program in  Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Clinic for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, University Clinic AKH, 1th – 19 th December 2014, Vienna, Austria

Ilievska A. First Macedonian Conference on Child and Adolescent Psychiatry with International Participation -  “Developmental psychopathology - challenges and opportunities”October, 2014 Ohrid, Macedonia.  Presentation of the research study “Eating Disorder in Childhood: Transactional Analysis  Approach to Diagnosis and Treatment”

Galevska- Jovcevski V. – First Symposium for Pervasive Developmental Disorders – Scientific achievements and practical implementation. 15 -17 May , 2014, Sruga, Macedonia. Presentation of the research study: Applying contemprorary  principles and methods in treatment of children with pervasive developmental disorders.

Ilievska A. - 9th International  Seminar in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, June, 2012, Bocca di Magra , Italy. Presentation of the research study: “The Effects of Sensory Room on The Children With Autism”

Piperevska K. – 4th Congers of Psychiatrists of Macedonia with international participation, Ohrid, Macedonia. 27 -29 May, 2009. Presentation of the research study: “Dysfunctional styles and risk of development of depression in students.