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What is early stimulation of development?

Early stimulation provides the child with opportunities to explore, play and experience different things in its surroundings. It includes body movements and use of the senses, especially: vision, hearing and touch. By stimulating the child we offer different opportunities to develop necessary skills and abilities, so the child can understand the world around it. Play is the best way to stimulate, since the child is predisposed from its earliest stages of development to use play for acquiring and leaning different skills.

When and why to apply early stimulation?

Early stimulating can be applied from birth to 6 years of age. Its goal is to gain the most of the child’s motor, cognitive, emotional and social development and to avoid possible developmental delay. Early stimulation is not intended to force the child to accomplish milestones that it is not ready to accomplish. However, by early stimulation we acknowledge the potentials in every child and we offer opportunities and challenges within its reach, so we can strengthen its initiative, learning and self-esteem.

Areas of development that can be targeted by early stimulation program

By stimulating the movements, body balance and control it will help the child move, do different things and play. Encouraging arm movements, allows better control and coordination of the arms towards and in relation with what it sees and by doing that the child can develop variety of manipulative skills.

Stimulating the senses especially vision, hearing and touch could help the child correctly differentiate, experience and respond to the outside world. Encouraging communication is important for the development of listening, understanding of what has been said, learning how to speak or communicating in any other way.