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In KALINKA we use the latest, internationally approved diagnostic methods for early detection of the wide spectrum of developmental disorders:
-    Autism and other pervasive disorders
-    Speech disorders
-    Disorders in motoric functions
-    Learning disorders

The treatment approach is integrative, including:
-    Use of sensory integration, ABA method and learning social skills
-    Stimulation and initiation of speech through educative and interactive games and activities
-    Use of psycho-motoric reeducation, exercises for fine; gross and graphomotor skills.
-    Activities for preschool children.
-    Activities for school age children modified for easier learning and overcoming of school challenges.


All diagnostic procedures are implemented by multi-profile team of specialists and are based on validated tests and methods:

- ADOS-2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation   Schedule)

- ADI-R (Autism Diagnostic   Interview- Revised)

- EEGdiagnostic



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