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Autism and other pervasive developmental disorders - refers to a group of disorders that involves wide-ranging affection of all relevant developmental patterns referring to social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and behavior. The respective disorders are characterized with an onset occurring in early childhood and establishment of complete clinical picture within the first five years.

This group includes: autism, Rett-syndrome, disintegrative disorders, and Asperger-syndrome.  

Speech and language disorders – disorders involving impairments of typical speech development patterns in early developmental period. These disorders are usually associated with reading difficulties, problems in the areas of interpersonal relations and behavior, and emotional problems. This group includes:

- articulation disorders (the repertoire of speech sounds of a child is bellow his/her expected mental age);

- expressive language disorders (there is good understanding of language, but difficulties are present in language production, also including poor vocabulary, incorrect use of verb tenses, incorrect use of grammar categories, and immature sentence structure);

- receptive language disorders (the level of language understanding is bellow the expected according to the chronological age, which could also affect expressive language and speech sounds production). The respective disorders are also characterized with associated social-emotional and behavior problems.